terça-feira, 8 de março de 2016

Program of III Gardunha Fest. May 27, 28 and 29 of 2016

Friday, May 27
21H00 Opening Ceremony with 'Manta de Ourelos' at Natura Glamping
22H00 Set 'Visions N Music' by VJ ZEEB at Natura Glamping

Saturday, May 28
10H00 - 13H00 Workshop "The figure of the Extraterrestrial in the Cinema" (Due to Limited space Registration is required)
15H00 Film Screening: "Floripes", Director Miguel Gonçalves Mendes
16H30 Exhibition of Short Films in competition
21H00 Film Screening: "Autografia", Director Miguel Gonçalves Mendes
22H45 'Experimental Film Society' (Dublin) Film Screening

Sunday, May 29
09H00 Footpath in serra da Gardunha, to visit the 'Cosmodrome', followed up with a guided tour of the Historical Village of Castelo Novo (Registration is required)
12H30 Lunch at Associação Sociocultural de Castelo Novo (Registration is required)
15H00 Contemporary Dance Show: 'Estranha-se, Entranha-se'
15H20 Film Screening: "Nada Tenho Meu", Director Miguel Gonçalves Mendes
16H00 Film Abstract: "O Sentido da Vida" with the Filmmaker Miguel Gonçalves Mendes
17H00 Film Screening: Winners of 'Gardunha Fest. 2016' and Awards Ceremony

Experimental Film Society (Dublin)

For more Informations, please contact:
+351 962 325 206 / gardunhafest@gmail.com

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